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Trinkets: An Attic full of Stories

Image of Trinkets: An Attic full of Stories


Format: 112 pages/ 17×24/ Full Colour
ISΒN: 978-960-98646-2-6

TRINKETS: An Attic Full of Stories
We follow a little girl called Trink, as she searches through an old attic finds various trinkets and odd objects, were each one tells a different story, some funny, some sad, others packed with action and one that comes alive and visits her in the attic.

all copies are bilingual in Greek & English.

the book contains 12 stories:
There's always a first time
the Wolves in the Trenches
Counting Stars
Le chat
The Devils Bitter Taste
To steal a kiss
Wanna Play Pacman?
Myosotis Alpestris
Stay for breakfast
The Knight Who Would Be King

EBGE 2011 Cover Illustration award
Comicdom 2011 Best Artist award
Comicdom 2011 Best Cover award
Comicdom 2011 Fan award

all images are copyright © 2009 by Michael A. Dialynas. not to be reproduced, copied, or distributed without written permission. not to be resold.


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